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The Seymour Chamber of Commerce began in 1931 to support the business needs of its members and the community.  It has done so well since then.  Our mission statement, “To serve as the catalyst for the advancement of commerce, culture and the community” accurately summarizes the many events, programs, and projects that the Chamber initiates or partners in.

Our business community and members benefit from the crossroads geography that we enjoy.  Industrial expansion, retail growth and service sector enlargement all contribute to the growing membership of our Chamber.

 We proudly point to our understanding of partnerships and synergistic outcomes.  Whether it is economic development throughout our community, focused projects in the downtown, or working to expand the educational opportunities of our children, employees or college students of all ages, the Chamber can point with pride at our leadership in the community and county since 1931.

Our Board of Directors represents the broadest of sectors in our community.   Standing committees and on-call task forces meet to address the community needs and create new events and projects that advance our mission statement.  Their interest, dedication, determination and enthusiasm are significant to the quality of life improvements that we have enjoyed for many years.

The Chamber is committed to the continued quality growth of our community that we are enjoying.  We are proud of our accomplishments since 1931, and work each day to make our tomorrows even better. 


(Continued from HOMEPAGE) Since 1931, the Greater Seymour Chamber of Commerce has been proud to serve Seymour in creating and building a healthy and prosperous community. It is from that over eighty year heritage that our mission statement, "To serve as the catalyst for the advancement of commerce, culture and the community", has become core to the events, programs and activities of the Greater Seymour Chamber of Commerce.

Our Chamber is proud of its historic and continued ability to create synergistic relationships with other community organizations and agencies that together successfully and positively enlarge the quality of life that we enjoy.

As the crossroads of mid-America, Seymour enjoys the finest of both worlds... a community of 20,000 where the comfort of John Mellencamp's small town is valued, and within one hour of the amenities of two of the largest cities in the Midwest, Indianapolis and Louisville.

Enjoy browsing the pages of our website and learning more about our Chamber and the wonderful community we call home.

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